Summary: Spyglaz cofounder Raf approached me seeking a designer to re-design their current website and streamline their content strategy. After analyzing their website and discussing with Raf, we agreed that the website had a few areas that we needed to focus on:

• The current website is non-responsive, that is a problem
• Graphics and content do not sufficiently portray the capabilities of the Spyglaz product
• Website overall look and content is not engaging compared to other companies in the same industry

Skills/Knowledge: web design responsive design mockups html/css presenting strategy

Screenshot of old website

Discussion and Proposed Solutions

• To capture the attention of potential customers and investors, I suggested strategic placement of graphic and content
• Suggested adding pages (E.g. About Us, Support) to increase users’ trust in the company
• Keep the design simple with sufficient white-space
• Add popular pages to the main navigation
• Allow users to easily sign up or login to their account

Concept presented to Spyglaz stakeholders

This was a Draft of how the website could look like. It was done quickly for the purpose of discussion in our meetings.

Result: Owners loved the direction of this design and we moved forward with creating visual and copy elements.

*Screenshots have been removed due to low resolution. Please see final versions below.*

Implementation and Final Product

I used WordPress and HTML/CSS to build the website. All the icons and creative assets were done by me in addition to some of the marketing copy.

Result: A few weeks after implementation, the owners reported a 12% increase in organic traffic according to Google Analytics. They received compliments on the design and another company decided to model their website off of Spyglaz’s new website.