Summary: HP needed to find a way to streamline their process when it came to verifying, approving and rejecting package deals. Their biggest pain point was that the turn around time was too slow.

Skills/Knowledge: ui design web app web portal mockups

Discussion and Design Focus

After looking through HP’s current web portal, the project manager and I discussed the major pain points that were keeping portal admins from moving each product through the company ladder. We decided to focus on these areas to improve turn around time:

• Summarize all the essential information for the products in the welcome page so that the user doesn’t need to drill down all the time
• Create a way to check the status of a product at a glance
• The initial page after login lists the products in the form of alphanumeric items. This can be improved to be more human-friendly

1st Iteration


The design was going in a good direction and much better than what it was before. After walking through it with the Project Manager and other stakeholders, we discovered additional pain points that need to be addressed. For example, one major pain point was the need to verify a company’s address before any other verification can be done. Again, drilling down is needed including an arduous process to email someone to correct any mistakes. We decided that it would be great to include these features in the design:

• Ability to check a company’s address without drilling in
• Quickly reassign the product to the appropriate person if the address needs correction
• Notes at-a-glance so the user can quickly assess the situation
• A way to view messages so the user can handle those as soon as possible
• A more robust status indication system

Final Design

After a major revamp from the first design, more meetings and a few additional minor tweaks, we decided to go with this robust design, which was in part inspired by Google’s Inbox.