Dell EMC

Summay: Dell EMC is an enterprise storage company. They wanted a customized web portal where their sales representatives could log in and see their earnings and rewards in one place. The portal needed to match the branding and look of the Dell EMC Partner Rewards Program. Since the team at Dell was revamping the branding at the same time, a lot of coordination was involved with project managers, engineering teams, design teams, and stakeholders.

Role: Solo designer

Skills/Knowledge: UI Design Axure Mockups Prototyping Desktop & Mobile HTML/CSS Presenting Web App Web Portal


This project started out with limited content and material to understand the big picture, with no access to actual users of the web portal. To achieve a better understanding, I did the following:

  • Reviewed the Dell EMC and Partner Portal websites
  • Researched the users (Partners), the type of products they were selling and their goals
  • Meetings with the Project Manager and other stakeholders to understand their perspectives on the problem, goals, users’ pain points, scope and constraints

*The most important step for this project was to keep in contact and check in frequently with stakeholders and engineers involved due to shifting expectations and timeline throughout the duration of the project.

Competitive Analysis

I researched several KPI, Analytics, and B2B Price Optimization SaaS software. I focused on and considered:

  • Patterns in data visualization
  • Standards on how information is display or what users may be expecting from this type of interface


Discussion, Planning and Goals

Due to our quick turn-around-time. The project would be broken into two phases. The initial phase will be largely a redesign of the existing portal, with the addition of leveraging the VIBES platform for analytics.

This portfolio piece focuses on Phase 1, which includes:

  • Creating the “Home” tab of the Dashboard, which would be a complete re-design of the existing Portal in order to be more user-friendly
  • Adding a “Performance Ideas” tab
  • Leveraging existing layouts for the rest of the Dashboard
  • Mobile friendly, so that sales representatives can easily access their information on-the-go

Conversational Starter

A quick and rough visual mockup used as a conversational piece to initiate discussions.

First Iterations

The charts were a feature of the VIBES platform that were being integrated by the engineering team into the new web portal. I worked closely with the engineers to re-skin the charts so that they matched the look and feel of Dell EMC’s brand.

UX Flow Diagram

To make sure we were all on the same page regarding the flow and information heirarchy of the portal:

Final Designs

After more meetings, discussions and iterations, these were the final designs.

Mobile prototype link:

Desktop prototype link:

Phone: (650) 382-3123