UX/UI Designer

Hello, I’m Anita

Sr. UX/UI Designer

“I’m all about living life passionately, surrounded by beauty and putting my greatest effort into everything I do.”

10+ Years in the Creative Digital Industry

Hello, I am a Sr. UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience working on web and digital products.

I’m passionate about products and ideas that help make the world a better place. It is powerful to be able to support businesses in making those ideas a reality and see success metrics being met.

I also excel at understanding customers’ needs and I’m always looking for ways to help users achieve the greatest benefit from the products they are using.

The excitement of bringing value to businesses as well as their customers is my ultimate passion for User Experience Design.

Gather Requirements, Research & Competitive Analysis

Speak with Stakeholders and SMEs to understand the problem, friction points, users, goals, requirements, and identify use cases.

Brainstorm and Ideate

Work with Product Managers, other Creatives, Engineers and key team players to brainstorm potential solutions.

Wireframes, Visual Mockups & Prototyping

Use software such as Figma to create, collaborate and present potential solutions to the team. 

Gather Feedback & Usability Testing

Implement relevant feedback, reiterate and refine. Do usability testing where appropriate. 

Work with Engineers

Present final solution to the team and work with engineers to clarify design requirements and Quality Assurance Testing. 


Top Skills

Work on complex UIs

Present solutions for complex interfaces for web apps, portals and ecommerce.

Figma & Design Systems

Advanced-Expert level in Figma: Wireframes, Visual Mockups, Prototyping and Design Systems.


Outgoing, friendly, and adaptable personality. I value communication and alignment with my clients.

Companies I have collaborated with:


It’s been my pleasure to have worked with Anita on several occasions. When it comes to design, she is the pick of the litter. Anita’s deep understanding of user experience will enhance any content you put before her. The word “impossible” is not in her vocabulary. In fact, she is very methodical when it comes to finding solutions. She delivered at every instance whether it was a tight deadline or overcoming a hurdle to ensure a better customer experience. Anita truly takes ownership of every project. Plus, most importantly, if you ever have the opportunity to work with her, you’ll know that she is a very delightful and good person.

Rafael Scott

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder, Spyglaz

I’ve worked with A LOT of developers and Anita is hands-down the easiest to work with. She is professional, friendly, communicative, resourceful, and great at what she does. She has been and still is my go-to person for any web work.

Jeffery L. Edwards

Creative Director in Marketing and Advertising, The Edwards Group

Anita is a pleasure to work with. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Jason Egnal

Chief Marketing Officer, BrightPlan

Anita is an amazing UX/UI designer who ensures that she completely understands the entire user “story” and then translates those users’ needs into a design/implementation. I like how she is always trying to find ways to improve the efficiency of our process. Her implementation of front-end development is organized, well documented, and clean using the latest CSS3/HTML5. She brings in fresh view to implementing the UX. She is detail oriented, great at communication, creative, helpful, and overall fun to have in our organization.

Ly Pham

Senior UX/UI Designer, Vistex

One of Anita’s biggest strengths is her ability to see the big picture and keep business requirements in mind. She also communicates well with people in different roles, which is a unique ability in this industry. Her positive attitude and ability to learn quickly contributed greatly to our team.

James Avila

Customer Support Manager, Netgear

Email: anita@anitaleungux.com
Phone: (650) 382-3123